Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Setting Your Intentions

Know What You Want from Each and Every Moment.
Learning how to set your intentions seems like an easy task, however most of us are in the habit of letting events happen without having an intention of what they want to get out of the day, the event or a conversation. I encourage you to set your intention and know what you want to get out of each moment of your life.

What most people do is set the intention after the moment has past. Then they wonder why it didn't work out the way they had planned. Setting the intention before getting started calibrates your mind to what you want and helps you stay focused on the goal and at the same sets in motion the spiritual side of the universe to work with you.

You have heard the saying, "The road to hell is paved with good intentions." This is only true when you forget to set your intentions right from the beginning. The result of having good intentions go bad is due to setting intentions after the fact, or setting intentions that are not aligned with the highest good for all those involved. So how do you practice setting intentions that are in harmony with the good for all and for your personal good?

1) Put Your Creator First.
There is always a plan for the good of all, set your intentions to be a part of that good. This way your intentions are set and your intuition will tell you what you need to know to stay in the flow of the good work that is going on around you.

2) Set Your Intentions Before Taking Action.
Before you start your car set your intention for a smooth, timely and easy ride. Before you eat your dinner set your intentions for nourishment and right choice of food. (This one thing can help people who otherwise have a hard time losing weight, become conscious eaters and lose weight effortlessly.)
Before joining a meeting set your intentions for what you want to contribute, get out of it, or learn. The most important intention to set is for your day. When you wake up in the morning ask yourself, what are your intentions for the day. Reinforce your intentions by saying them out loud, "My intentions for the day are to...organize my desk, be kind and loving to my family, have a great meeting (and set the intentions for what a great meeting is before the meeting), eat healthy foods, think healthy thoughts and be an uplifter and supporter of everyone I come in contact with today."

3) Reinforce Your Intentions With Affirmations
When things look like they are turning out differently than you intended, be armed with a powerful intention affirmation that reaffirms your belief in yourself, your creator and your mission. For example, one of my intentions is to have a peace in my house during the summer while honoring my children's needs to be free and have fun. When things get a little loud and "interesting" in my house, I affirm, "My house is full of peace and love. I honor the peace and love in each of my children now." Yes, sometimes I have to say it a few times before I feel peace and love. However the peace and love that I feel after reinforcing my intentions take over and I become a catalyst for peace instead of reacting to the situation in an unpeaceful way. This takes practice!

4) Have Faith!
When you are just starting to set intentions, have faith! You will get it, it just takes practice. The hardest part is remembering to do it and it gets easier and easier as you set your intentions in each area of your life and see the results working for you and for all those involved.

Setting your intentions brings you into alignment with your natural state of personal power and freedom to choose how you want your day to go. Living life intentionally makes you a powerful co-creator! Now go intend a great day!

All the Best!
Your Personal Life Success Coach,
Dawn Nocera