Saturday, January 3, 2009

What's your evidence of success?

I love the new year, the new energy, the hope, the joy and the excitement of all the possibility that each new year brings with it.

Anthony Robbins says that your life will be determined by the questions you ask yourself, and I couldn't agree more! Self coaching is all about asking yourself the right questions!

I had a truly amazing year in 2008. And I look forward to what 2009 has in store for me, most of all because 2009 is the year I help you have your best year ever! You won't need to sign up for my year long coaching program to transform your life...all you'll need to do is read my weekly email and answer the self-coaching questions! How easy is that! However, if you are ready for group coaching and want to make change at a cellular level, you can find information about year long coaching on my website.

My new year's promise to you is to bring to you one great coaching question every week that will help you raise your awareness slip into a higher vibe and create a great new year and a new you!

Think Big!


Self-Coaching - "Where have I succeeded in the past?"

Finding evidence of your past successes!

Before you get too far ahead of yourself in achieving that unreachable goal, arm yourself with some great ammunition to shoot down any self-doubt or fear that may stop you just before you hit gold. Arm yourself with success!

Everyone has an entire history of things that they should be proud of, however many of us were raised to be humble, not talk about the great things we have done. We were told not to brag about our successes, or we might make someone else feel bad. Imagine if you were taught how to talk about your successes in a way that motivates others to succeed too!

Collect your ammunition and prepare yourself for the old patterns of thought and behavior that manifest as doubt and fear! Get your journal, and get ready to write as I lead you through a short list of self-coaching questions that are geared towards helping you rediscover your past successes so you can confidently move in the direction of your dreams!

Are you ready? Do you have your pen and journal ready? Let's go!

Ask yourself, "Where have I succeeded in the past?"

1) What succeses have you experienced in the past? Break it down into life segments if you have to; since having kids, before kids, in college, in high school, as a young child etc..)

I road my bike across Ohio back in 1988 and it still gives me a charge thinking that I actually did it!

2) What was the best thing anyone ever said about you? Who said it? How did it feel?

3) What was your biggest accomplishment in life? (If you wrote about having children, great! Now ask yourself what the second biggest accomplishment was other than children.)

4) What things have you learned to do in your life? (speak a foreign language, speak in public, walk on your hands, perform magic, ride a bike...)

5) What was something you thought you could never do, but now you can? (For me this was typing on the keyboard without looking at the keys! It took me 15 years to turn that one into a goal and I learned how to do it in about a week!)

These are just a few questions to get you thinking about your past successes. If you really want to get into this exercise a bit more in detail and understand why this is an important step in moving forward in achieving your dreams, I recommend reading Bill Bartmann's book, "Billionaire Secrets to Success." In the last chapter he has included several in depth questions that move you through time and help you connect not just with the memory of success, but with the feeling of success.

The goal of all of this work is to help you feel good about the direction you are going. You should feel a sense of relief after going through this exercise. If you do then you are on the right track. You are opening a way for your future success!

See you next week with another self-coaching question!

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